The main vision of city church is planting churches in places where there are few or no churches. Pastor Shyam went into the ministry in the year 1991 and planted his first church in the city of Dharwad, Karnataka and pastored a church there from 1991-1995.

城市教會的主要異象是植堂,在沒有教會或只有很少教會的地方植堂。蕭安東尼牧師從1991年開始牧會, 第一間開拓的教會在卡納塔卡省的達瓦市自1991年到1995年間。

He then started inching towards the vision of planting churches and then moved to the city of Belgaum, Karnataka and pastored a church there from 1995-1997.

然後他慢慢有了植堂的異象。 之後他搬到卡納塔卡省的貝爾高姆市牧養一個教會自1995年到1997年。

He then felt God telling him to move to Hubli, Karnataka, in 1998 May- which is his home town, He started his church in Hubli in the year 1998 in a little room and which then grew drastically. He is currently still pastoring this church Called “City Church” but he has also planted 2 Churches in Dharwad and 5 churches in a village called Yelavathi, Karnataka ,

 Pastor Shyam & Sinchana has trained men and women to be leaders and pastors and many of these men and women who were trained under them are pastors in various different places ministry being very effective in the Kingdom of God.

然後他在1998年5月感覺到神告訴他搬到卡納塔卡省的胡布利市, 也就是他的故鄉。 他在1998年回到胡布利市在一個小房間開始他的教會,在那裏急劇的成長。 他現在仍然在這個名為“城市教會”的教會牧會, 並且在達瓦市有兩個分會, 在一個名為葉拉瓦提的村落有5間分會。

蕭安東尼牧師和馨香娜牧師已經訓練很多男人和女人成爲領袖和牧師。 而這些被訓練的人也已經在很多不同的地方牧會,為神的國大大的效力。


Our strategy to transform Hubli.


Our strategy to transform Hubli is to work among the local churches and pastors, other organization and institution hand in hand, Because we believe its not one man or one congregation that can bring the change.

So we work for the unity of pastors and leaders in our city and surrounding as it’s the “key” for a radical transformation. We also spent quality time praying for each pastors and churches and leaders pastors every day and fast once a week for unity. 

我們轉換胡布利市的策略就是連結當地牧師,教會,其他組織和機構一起手牽手合作, 因爲我們相信不是靠一個人或一個集會就能帶來改變。

所以我們為在我們城市裏和周遭的牧師和領袖們的合一而努力, 因爲這就是徹底轉化城市的“鑰匙”。 我們每天花很多時間為每個牧師, 教會和牧師領袖們禱告,並且一星期一次為了我們的合一禁食禱告。

Targeting the youth and Non-Believers in  Hubli which has a vast population of non-believers is what is holistic approach, we believe that targeting the youth is key. We aim to bring the love of Christ to the homes of Non-Believers by showing the warmth in the gospel. We conduct youth meetings, worship meets and various special meetings to encourage the youth to take part and also encourage the members of the church to bring their friends to church. As of now….around 70% of our church consists of people coming from different faiths.

在胡布利市有廣大的非基督徒, 目標瞄準在年輕人和未信者身上是我們的整體策略。 我們致力於將基督的愛帶進每一個非基督徒的家中, 把福音裏的溫暖呈現給他們看。 我們組織年輕人的聚會, 敬拜崇聚和不同的特會來鼓勵年輕人參與, 以及鼓勵教會的弟兄姐妹將他們的朋友帶進教會。 如今,我們教會有70%的會友是來自不同的信仰。

We have events to motivate Churches and organizations to reach out to abandoned kids and to be involved into charity work, so together we can bring a massive change in community and society.

 We also conduct medical camps, outreaches, distribute food and help the people in the surrounding villages who can’t afford the most basic facilities. We supply water filters built by our very own staff to the people in the villages and use this as a tool to help spread the gospel and show people the love of Christ.

我們會舉辦活動來激勵教會和組織去接觸那些被遺棄的孩子, 和參與慈善工作, 所以我們可以在社區中和社會上帶來巨大的改變。

我們也舉辦醫治釋放營會, 濟貧工作, 發放食物和幫助周遭村落裏沒辦法負擔得起生活中最基本設備的貧困家庭。 我們提供我們同工自己做的濾水器給村落裏的人們, 憑著這個媒介去傳福音和傳揚基督的愛。

We also identify the children in villages who are desperately in need of help and bring them to our orphanage where they are taught and raised in a godly environment.

我們也察覺村落裏急需救助的孩子們, 把他們帶回我們的孤兒院, 以神的愛來教導和養育他們。


What we have achieved in the past and future plans.


  • We have successfully bought the gospel into places where people had never heard the gospel.
  • Have planted churches and will continue to do so.
  • Started an Orphanage and started out with 2 children in our own house which has now grown to 33 children.
  • In all we have housed 54 children in the past 10 years.
  • Supported Kids for education
  • Conducted Medical camps in the villages
  • Got involved to bring clean water to necessary villages.
  • Built a team of people to meet the needs of HIV effected families and children
  • We have planned to build a new church building which will also consist of the orphanage where we plan to house 140 children at once.
  • 我們已成功地將福音帶進未得之民的地方.
  • 已經開拓幾個分會並且會繼續開拓
  • 成立孤兒院, 從我們家中開始撫養兩個孩子到現在已經有33個孩子
  • 過去10年我們已經撫養了54個孩子
  • 支持孩子受教育(孤兒院以外的孩子)
  • 在村落中舉辦醫治釋放營會
  • 參與帶進乾淨的水到有需要的村落中
  • 已建立一個團體去關懷愛滋病家庭和孩童